Wednesday, June 06, 2007

six flags day!!

Well I packed the kids up this morning and got my sister kara and we took the kids to six flags! Was quite a trip, by the time we got there the kids were hungry and so were we ( got there around 11 ) so we got the stroller out, got the kids loaded and got all the drinks and bags and etc. loaded up in the stroller and them start walking and bam the stroller wheel and axle break!! It was a double stroller i paid 35.00 for so no biggie and i used it alot but still very upsetting!! Now I have to start the search for a new stroller and i am very very picky when it comes to these things and i have to get one by next month for our trip to san antonio!! Ok enough ranting so then we had to lug the kids all the way from the parking lot carrying everything to the park and rent a stroller and the only strollers they have zane can't fit because he is to small still ugh so we had to carry him around and zoe got to ride in the stroller with everything else! So we got quite a work out today! But overall it was fun, rode all the rides we could and then left and both the kids passed out then came home and went swimming and now everyone is passed out except me so its mommy movie time!! I will post pics later!

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